Greenwoods Corner is a small unique village in Epsom, Auckland situated under One Tree Hill,  between Greenlane and Royal Oak.

April  19th 2012 the Greenwoods Corner Business Association, invited residents to attend a meeting to “chat about ways to help promote Greenwoods Corner as a vibrant area – now and in the future”.

In July 2012, Greenwoods Corner Community Group was  initiated “To generate and foster goodwill within the Greenwoods Corner Community”.

We invite local people to submit their thoughts and ideas. We also welcome articles written about people and places associated with Greenwoods Corner.

Our monthly meetings are held on the second Monday night (7.30pm) of each month, at the local Methodist Church, 12 Pah Road. First meeting for 2014 – 10th February.
For enquiries, please leave a comment below.

President: Linda Fraser Chairperson: Eric Laurenson  Secretary: Helen Wenley

This Community Group has been formed for the residents of Greenwoods Corner.  We will liaise with the Business Association from time to time, as working together we will have greater potential to improve facilities at Greenwoods Corner for the whole community.

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